The Future of injury-free running

Managing mechanical load and gaining confidence, step by step.

Cutting-edge technology to reduce (re-)injury risk

OnTracx uses advanced biomechanical algorithms to quantify the mechanical load on your muscles and bones during running.

In-field load measurement

Measure the mechanical load of every step you take, validated against lab based measures.

Load (progression) tracking over time

Monitor how load progresses over time, and stay within safe limits to minimize injury risk.

Real-time feedback

See how your running technique, terrain, and footwear choices affect your load in real-time.

Rehabilitation support

Closely monitor loading and the relation with perceived pain, to optimize the return-to-run process. 


The chance you have of
getting injured every year.


The amount of injuries caused by too much load on your body.


Less injury risk if you manage load properly.

Recommended by runners and healthcare professionals.


Training for a marathon

"By using OnTracx I discovered that there’s a real difference in load depending on the terrain I run on. Now, I use OnTracx to map my load during every running session".


Tech-savvy recreational runner

“OnTracx gives you more confidence that you can run to improve your health without jeopardizing it.”


Experienced runner

“I was surprised by how much load my body has to endure during every run, and how much it changes between runs. I now use OnTracx to gradually increase the load week by week, instead of only focusing on running speed and distance.”


Currently injured runner

”As a currently injured runner, OnTracx is my ideal running coach. It helps me to understand what my body can handle, so I can keep enjoying my weekly runs. Love it”.

Aron Verhaeghe


What I really like is the visualization of mechanical load in such a way that it is easy to understand. Both for me as a professional as for my athletes. I use OnTracx to educate my athletes when it comes down to mechanical loading, and how it relates to the occurrence of overuse injuries.

Jan Victor

Head orthopaedics UZ Gent

Running with lower loads offers long-term benefits in terms of joint health. OnTracx allows you to quantify and subsequently manage that load, and can as such be considered an alternative for knee surgery in patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis.


Recreational runner

“Can’t run without it.”



“As a runner who suffered from injuries before, OnTracx provides me with relevant data and insights in order to rehabilitate in an efficient way.”

E.C. Frederick

Founder Nike Sports Research Lab

Runners, clinicians and the running industry have needed something like this since forever.

Sara Waerlop


OnTracx allows me to gradually increase the load my patients experience, in a valid and evidence-based manner. By monitoring mechanical load in combination with pain and comfort experienced by the patient, it allows me to provide better follow-up during the return-to-run process in a very time efficient manner.


(Start to) runner

”As a data freak, OnTracx is perfect for me. I love to learn more about my body and how it reacts to my training.”

Backed-up by science and industry

OnTracx is an award-winning solution, supported by more than 12 years of scientific research. 

International awards

Most innovative piece of running technology (Footwear Biomechanics Symposium award)

Research awards

Reliable method to track load during running outside lab-settings (BJSM award) 

Industry awards

High societal relevance & scientific expertise (BiR&D award)