The science behind OnTracx

With OnTracx, we care about science. Our product is focused on quantifying and managing mechanical load in an objective and evidence-based manner.

Proper load management, less risk of overuse injuries.

Injuries occur when the cumulative loading exceeds the body’s capacity to withstand it.

We can measure a proxy for loading (impact) in a reliable and valid way.

Experts from around the world state that managing personalized loading measures step-by-step in an outdoor setting is the way forward.

With real-time feedback on load, people can adjust running styles resulting in reduced impact forces.

‘Runners and clinicians have needed something like this since forever.’

Ned Frederick;
founder of the Nike Sports Research Lab

We do everything in co-creation with our end-users.

At OnTracx, we realize that a scientifically supported solution isn’t equal to a customer-friendly solution. That’s why we develop everything in co-creation with our end-users: the runner and the healthcare professional. If you’re interested in helping us with future developments, don’t hesitate and let us know!