Want to make a real-life impact?

We're hiring. OnTracx is an early-stage university spin-off consisting of 3 co-founders. After a successful launch, we're recruiting some of the best people out there. As a group, we care about science and how to translate these insights into products that people are willing to use and could change their lives. Are you with us?

Let’s meet the team!

Co-founder, CEO

Senne Bonnaerens

Senne is a dedicated trail runner who’s no stranger to the setbacks of injuries. Armed with a PhD in running biomechanics, he strongly believes in a solid scientific approach to reduce overuse injuries in running.

Some other fun facts about Senne:

👟 He only runs with ‘La Sportiva’ trail shoes.
⛰️ He loves the mountains!
🐣 He’s father of a 3y-old boy, and there’s one more coming up!

Co-founder, CTO

Rud Derie

Rud’s technical expertise and love for sports come together at OnTracx. Rud is in charge of the development of our cutting-edge technology, with one clear goal in mind: provide every runner with practical insights to avoid running injuries.

Some other fun facts about Rud:

👟 He’s more a ‘Salomon’ kind of guy'.
⛰️ Outdoor is where you can find him: canyons, mountains, or the ocean.
🐣 He’s father of a 1y-old girl.

Co-founder, Business Developer

Kristof De Mey

Kristof loves to bring people together! He has a clinical background and holds a PhD in physical therapy, and is very passionate about sports, health and medical innovations.

Some other fun facts about Kristof:

💼 Kristof knows about every one in the Sports- and HealthTech community.
💊 Knee pain is his ‘pain in the a**’ during running.
🐣 Father of a boy and a girl!

Why start at OnTracx?

OnTracx is all about the passion to get things done! Our mission is to tackle running injuries once and for all. Are you ready to join this 'runvolution'? This is what we stand for:

🔎 Transparency

We’re really transparent in what we do, and why we do it. If there’s anything you need to know, just give us a call!

🌈 Work hard, then enjoy

We often go for a run, have dinner, or just enjoy holidays! We really love what we do, and don’t mind working a little bit more when needed!

💁 We care!

We really care about runners and those supporting or treating them, and therefore want to offer the best possible solution!

👥 Collaborative

We don’t reinvent the wheel, and we won’t do it in the future. Our expertise is in measuring and managing load. We’re open for all types of collaboration!

🔬 Science-based

As already mentioned, we care about science. OnTracx started from research, blended with insights from runners and professionals.

🌎 Ambitious

We want to help as many runners as possible. And let’s face it, there are a lot of those out there!

Open vacancies

Yes. We're looking for top talent. Check out our open vacancies!
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We love passionate people, and who knows what comes out of a good chat.


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