Let's bring science outside of the lab.

It may sound ‘cliché’, but everyone within the OnTracx team has already suffered from (multiple) running injuries and as a result is extremely keen to come up with the best possible solution(s).

Co-founder, CEO

Senne Bonnaerens

Senne is a dedicated trail runner who’s no stranger to the setbacks of injuries. Armed with a PhD in running biomechanics, he strongly believes in a solid scientific approach to reduce overuse injuries in running.

Co-founder, CTO

Rud Derie

Rud’s technical expertise and love for sports come together at OnTracx. Rud is in charge of the development of our cutting-edge technology, with one clear goal in mind: provide every runner with practical insights to avoid running injuries.

Co-founder, Business Developer

Kristof De Mey

Kristof loves to bring people together! He has a clinical background and holds a PhD in physical therapy, and is very passionate about sports, health and medical innovations.


We just got started, and therefore would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think of OnTracx, and we try to help you in every way we can.

We’re not doing this alone.